12- 13 October 2019
11AM - 9PM

Suntec Convention Centre
Halls 401-403

Game Start!

The Castle

Navigate the perils of The Castle and bring victory to the Sun or Moon clan!

The Castle is themed experience created just for GameStart 2019. Gather your party of 4 (or you can PUG it), pick your clan and embark on this adventure in a race against time to fulfill your destiny!

Will you choose to save the world or will you rule it?

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Doujin Market x GameStart Artist Alley

This year, Doujin Market x GameStart Artist Alley returns with over 40 creators showcasing some of the very best video game inspired artwork, accessories and fan creations. 

Whether it’s a print of your favorite character, trinkets to show off your fandom, or even a custom art commission, we’re certain you’ll find something to whet your art-y appetites.

SEA Major

SEA Major (SEAM) 2019, the largest fighting game tournament in Asia, returns to GameStart 2019 bigger and better! Expect to see high-level tournament action, as top players from around the world convene to fight for over for bragging rights, and the top prize! SEA Major will be hosting for two major events, the Regional Finals for Capcom World Tour, and the Finals of the SOULCALIBUR Asia League!


The Tabletop Area is back, and it’s bigger than ever! Gather round and immerse yourselves in fantastic worlds, or if roleplays are a little bit too much try board games, old and new as we leave the digital world behind and go back to basics!


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