Exodus, the Trading Card Game

Exodus, the Trading Card Game┬áis a 10-minute tabletop card game with rules simple enough for the youngest Gamers to comprehend, and enough strategy for long-time card players to dive into and explore! With unique gameplay and mechanics that unite people of all ages and experience levels, and an uncommon design model behind the game and business, Exodus is revolutionizing the tabletop industry one set release at a time. This collectible strategy game has intentional high value for players, collectors, and retailers alike. We hold our promise of “No Banlist” and “No Set Rotation” so that you have full confidence in the cards you buy. Each new expansion/set release is guaranteed to be 100% new every time, so there’s no worry of card reprints, and you get to enjoy every last new card that comes your way! Try out the free demo of Exodus TCG at our Booth and get 1 Limited Edition Sketch Card, 1 Promo Card and 1 Booster Pack!