Hexagoon | Takoway

About Hexagoon

Hexagoon is a team of seven independent game developers that believe in dreaming hard, working harder and playing hardest. We strive to build a family of game developers that are not only passionate about making impactful games, but also about appreciating the little things in life.

We are driven by our mission of learning new things every day. We value discovery and gaining insights in what we do, and we aim to incorporate these insights into our games.

 About Takoway

Takoway is a perspective based puzzle game that stars Tako the six legged Octopus, or ‘Hexapus’ to be precise… Tako must journey through various lab based worlds where she will need to use different powers of perspective to solve each puzzle on a quest to escape captivity and find her place in the world. Alternate between perspectives while befriending eccentric sea creatures as they assist in maneuvering through bizarre lab terrains.