Purrballs: Catventure Card Game

Purrballs is an original creation about the adventures of a group of cats inspired by the community cats who reside in our sunny island, Singapore. Motivated by our love for cats, we transformed these characters into fun and quirky cat themed merchandise such as plush toys, accessories, card games and stationery. Our goal is to bring joy to all cat lovers around the world – one purr at a time! We also strongly advocate giving back to the community via our Purrballs Giveback campaign, raising funds towards helping cat rescuers, shelters and welfare groups in Singapore.


Nekomancy Games is a board and card game publisher based in Singapore. We strive to bring tabletop entertainment to new audiences, spreading the gospel of board, dice and card far and wide. Working closely with Purrballs, we launched our first product in 2018; the Purrballs: Catventure Card Game, a light and fast card game about daring escapades in a charming fantasy world. In the near future, Nekomancy plans to expand the Catventure universe further, and to work with local designers to develop and publish innovative new games.