Shiitake | Chronicles of Alyse

‘Chronicles of Alyse’ is developed by Shiitake, a team made up of 7 students in Singapore Polytechnic’s Game Design & Development course. The Japanese oriental hack and slash game was inspired by beat ’em up and platformer games, which then evolved into a hybrid of both genres. It features different types of enemies and combos that players can use to break through the horde of yokai mobs in their way.

Tackling a game in the beat ’em up genre was an ambitious challenge. Not unlike the game they created itself, Shiitake path was paved with obstacles and difficulties but ultimately, growth. With perseverance (and an enormous lack of sleep), the team managed to pull through and finished developing ‘Chronicles of Alyse’ (which will be shown at our booth in Gamestart 2019). We hope you will enjoy the game!