Riiyuukii Cosplay

Riiyuukii has been cosplaying since 2015, but only decided to become a Full-Time cosplayer in 2019, this year. She has a deep passion for games, anime and making costumes/props. Her love for games such as League of Legends brought her onto the cosplay journey and ever since, she grew exponentially.

Riiyuukii’s well known works consists of Hanzo (Overwatch), Shuten Doji (FGO), Nero Claudius (FGO), as well as Raphtalia (The Rising of the Shield Hero). Within a year she has produced multiple photobooks and has a 45,000 followers on Instagram.

Being a streamer too, she finds time to stream games such as MMORPG/APRG games and create her own characters and content and at the same time. Her love for these games and characters gives her the drive to cosplay them. With her cosplay tutorials and photos, she hopes to inspire other people to follow their dreams as well!