The Castle

What Is The Castle

The Castle is as experiential adventure game in which teams of 4 will play through one of the two available scenarios.

The path of the Moon Clan will send you on a Mission to find the demon that lies sealed in the abandoned castle, seeking to make its power your own. Challenges here are puzzle based, so bring your smartest friends with you!

The part of the Sun Clan will send you on a Mission to reinforce the seals and Ensure that the demon stays sleeping and unable to wreak havoc upon the world. Challenges here are activity based.

The Castle is built for beginners and no prior experience is required. Attempt The Castle with friends or come solo and join a party!

How to Play

Players enter The Castle in parties of 4, and complete a series of activities and puzzles in order to reach the sealed divine beast in the last room. 

How you perform in each of these activities will determine how prepared you are to face the beast at the end. How your party performs will determine which of 2 endings you achieve!

Playthrough duration: 30 to 40 mins



For centuries, a great power has slumbered beneath Kagachi’s Castle, sealed away by the elders of the ancient clans. 

Some say it is a storehouse for the collected wisdom of the sages – magic spells capable of reshaping reality. Others believe the castle harbors a weapon of such power it can sunder the heavens and cleave the seas, and yet others that it contains the ambrosia of the gods, an elixir capable of restoring life and conferring immortality. 

As a descendent of the ancient clans, YOU know what Kagachi’s Castle truly is. This cliffside fortress is a prison, and within the depths of the central keep is a divine beast that must not be freed, lest it devours the world. 

A recent earthquake has weakened the castle fortifications, and with it, the magical barrier that keeps intruders OUT and Kagachi IN. 

Challenge Kagachi’s Castle and embark on ONE of TWO routes. 

As a descendent of the SUN CLAN, you must fulfill your sacred duty to restore the protective wards before disaster strikes. 

As a descendent of the MOON CLAN, you must release Kagachi and harness it’s power to conquer the world.  

Challenge the perils of The Castle with your party and fulfill your chosen destiny!